Abysmal Lord – Storms of Unholy Black Mass (12″ MLP) – Hells Headbangers

Underground and satanic as fuck!

It’s strange when we hear a disgraceful band like Abysmal Lord and take a rapid survey on the internet and see that nobody is giving a fuck about them except half-dozen of die hards. You feel like a hipster: Hey I knew Abysmal Lord before they were cool. Hehehehe It was the same when I heard Beherit for the first time, only hardcore fans would like the band. Now it’s a cult, it’s always this way so…

Okay Abysmal Lord is the ultimate satanic band around: their sound comprises infernal noises forged in the bonfires of hell itself, the execution of the songs resounds a lot of Satanic Bloodspraying and of course bands like Blasphemy, Behererit and Morbosidad: true satanic attack.

Terrorist Dawn (Introwehrmacht) works more as a prelude to destruction while Gnashing Of Teeth is so raw and oxidized that tetanus is almost certain. The sound is somewhat harsh on the final cut which gives the band incredible heaviness and brutality from the depths of hell. This is fucking cool because I imagine they sound exactly like this alive.

 Angels Of Persecution is even more putrid and miasmal. Destructive vocals along with a bassline forged in the chasms of nothingness, the vocals are truly raw over again delivering the “alive session” sensation. Perfect to say at least.

You’ll think that I’m kidding and make jokes with you but guess what? Storms View is EVEN (I like the word even, don’t I?) more noxious and rapid and everything that I said before but doubled. Man this band is truest stuff.

Revelation is blasphemous as fuck as sounds like a thunder striking through the ears (if thunder can strike anything). Hardcore Black Death Metal to die-hard entertainment!

Storms of Unholy Black Mass is seriously an excellent release and its legacy will stay in the future as everybody will claim they were die-hard fans of the band in the “heyday”. For now you can do me a favor: Say that you heard about it first on Dark Souls United.

Storms of Unholy Black Mass (12″ MLP) is out now on Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel Death)

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