Throne of Sacrilege / Impurium – Unleashing a Cacophony of Destruction – Orchestrated Misery Recordings

Clogged split.

This split album with two bands Throne of Sacrilege and Impurium is a strange business to be honest.

This is noisy for sure, but analyzing directly they are different kind of monsters, one in a good and another in a bad way.

Throne of Sacrilege is very noisy, practicing a death black assault but it seems that they have no inventiveness… they all sound the same, like “hey let’s board the death/black train to see what happens”. After hearing the three tracks one gets to the conclusion that they aren’t the ultimate names of the genre.

But Impurium came to save the day: their sound is much better than Throne of Sacrilege, with actual songs in it, in a mix of death/black thrash, really cool as in the first song Again We Freeze that is really enticing, with various changes of tempos and indeed, styles into just one song.

Midgard has raspy guitars, very underground, and although one can notice the technical limitations of the band, their music still rocks and nukes with genuine nuclear hate for the humankind. The drumming fills the place with greatness and their sound is pure heaviness thanks to the production. I love the lyrics as well, something like. AHHHH, AHHHH, AHHHH, very philosophical indeed. Over again by the last part of the song they go from death/black attack to pure thrash metal, a great idea, let me say… over again they explode into death/black attack.

The last song Ad Secular Impurium starts a little despondent, but it ends up being a brutal metal number in atomic proportions.

The conclusion: Throne of Sacrilege tries and doesn’t get to make quality music as Impurium does! Even though making the very same type of music. An interesting split however.

Unleashing a Cacophony of Destruction  is out now on Orchestrated Misery Recordings.

(Daniel Death)

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