Protokult – No Beer In Heaven – Self Released

Give me fucking beer!

Protokult is a Canadian band that practices a folk metal in the vein of Alestorm, Finntroll, Trollfest and the likes: the great difference here is the intricacy of their songs…

In this sophomore album, they put on folk tunes for over an hour, so if you’re not into the style, you better stop reading this review…

But for the fans of the style, they keep on changing on melancholic tunes and upbeat songs and those are very interesting!

For example, the opener Get Me a Beer is pure cheery sound, with anthemic choruses that will get the fans of aforementioned bands point blank!

However the second track called Heaven Cast Me out is a bit gloomier with female vocals that give the north of the other songs.

Flight of the Winged Hussar is the best track of the CD with all elements interwoven in a complex structure of musical influences, all seamless of course which empower the band with the necessary respect!

This confluence of styles continues in tracks such as Summer’s Ode which is a folk ballad with male vocals with the female voices in the background.

However Razbival Okovi Perun is very SLAVIC (?????) which is tailor-made for fans of bands such as Nokturnal Mortum or Темнозорь!!! The following track called Water of Life continues this great animist experience in full glory!

Their modus operandi is quite original for folk metal style making them a great option for one who seeks new horizons of bucolic metal music.

No Beer in Heaven is an indeed a CD that deserves to be listened with attention to like it but it’s a worthy experience!

No Beer In Heaven is out now and it’s Self Released.

(Daniel Death)

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