Shaved Women – Just Death – Ektro

Punk noise, noisy punk.

Shaved Women hails from St Louis /MO and they are releasing their first “full length”, after a couple of EP’s released. This full length has 9 songs clocking in at 23 minutes.

Their punk rock is muddy and sludgy, mid-tempo, and the vocals are almost inaudible. The guitars are buzzing like drones and the drumming is 4/4 all the way.

Songs like No One Gets in and Paranoia make the punk rocker party while the best song is Relapse with the shittiest solo ever, but I dug it. Lots.

The tracks are in the face although they are not heavy (they are pretty “alternative” to be honest). By the end of the disc they lost velocity in a Black Flag way.

Shaved Women is a great surprise for those who like direct sound, no frills, no anything. I liked this album, because it’s shameless punk attitude, no stardom, no bullshit. I wish all the American punk rocks were this way.

Just Death is out now on Ektro.

(Daniel Death)

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