Slaughterday – Ravenous – FDA Rekotz

Pure death metal cult from Germany.

After a proper album, Slaughterday is back with a four track EP bringing to the fold the most competent death metal, with bulks of good soloing, heaviest bellows, and putrid old school attitude.

Ravenous, although it resounds Entombed a little bit, has all the identity to put Slaughterday into the circuit of the true Death Metal bands in Europe: Hardcore Death Metal, no compromise, no fucking quarter. It throws you back to the days of Autopsy as well. Great number.

Crawling In Secrecy is pure headbanging and old timers will have an orgasm while listening to the the growls from the cemetery and heaps of satanic rifferama with occasional changes of tempo.

Abyss Of A Nameless Fear is the most brutal of them all, cavernous sounds which are impossible to not headbang. A real neckbreaker for sure.

Last track is a cover of the greatest Acheron, the song Ave Satanas. Excellent choice.

Ravenous is a win-win situation, a totally well made effort, a CD for those about to death.

Ravenous is out now on FDA Rekotz.

(Daniel Death)

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