Atara Vs. Miserable Failure – Hang Them – Kaotoxin

Double shot of grindcore from France!

This release is what I call true grindcore! Two bands, 18 minutes of pure and merciless brutality to bleed poser ears, this is a delight to the extremists!

First band Atara, attacks with shortest songs, one after another and while there are no highlights I can securely say they do their work with fervor to deliver their dystopian word of pure aggressiveness! Harsh production, punkish and quasi-black metal approaches in a mincecore basis, the desperation and urgency will take you by assault leaving no prisoners.

Notwithstanding, Miserable Failure is the band that will shoot you in your tracks: noise core with grind makes them a confluence between Aghathocles and Sore Throat, this shit is really disgraceful: nihilistic cacophony to wreak havoc in the brutal turf of extreme moshpit. Not for the virgin ears to the style.

This is an ACE release limited to 1000 copies with no possible re-release, so run and get your copy or lose these two great attacks! Totally indicated!

Hang Them are out now on Kaotoxin.

(Daniel Death)

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