Johnny Touch – Inner City Wolves – Shadow Kingdom Records

Imitating the days of old.

How surprised I was when I discovered that Inner City Wolves is not a re-release but a brand new album of the Aussie band Johnny Touch!!!

Everything from the past is there, the production, the feeling, how they got this kind of sound is a secrecy they must keep.

All the more, the band has an ex member of Denouncement Pyre which is one of my fave bands from down under.

But the surprises and qualities stop here, since Johnny Touch are happy to make a kind of generic sound that doesn’t do more than just sound old.

Sometimes they get it right like in the second track The Metal Embrace (Ozzy can sue them for using Barking at the Moon riff), which is good.

Other times they try to put some progressive touch like in the last track Black Company which is a little epic with melodic acoustic guitars, changes of tempo, obeying no rules.

But some parts like Radiation Axeposure trying to imitate Malmsteen are just not right. More so, you expect pure speed metal attack but this band is content in doing a kind of hard/heavy.

But the real problem here is the vocals which are boring.

Okay kudos for them to try to give to the kids of today some real feeling of the past, this task alone is Herculean and heroic. But music isn’t just about how “true” you tune your instrument. Anyway die-hards will love it.

Inner City Wolves is out now on Shadow Kingdom Records.

(Daniel Death)

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