Project Terror – Conquistador – Pure Steel Records

Hey kids, this is Heavy Metal!!!!

The Texan band Project Terror presents their debut Conquistador, a great opus of the so called New wave of American Heavy Metal but one can perceive freshmen they are not because the band counts with the voice of Ronnie Stixx who handled the vocal duties of the American legends Vicious Rumors between 2007 and 2009, and he and guitarist Ian Rendawn are from a progressive band called Divine Ruins.

The sound here is a pure analog Heavy Metal with no traces of “future” in their sound, it seems that everything, from production to the gear, resides in the 1980’s!

First song Breaking the Spell is a solid Heavy Metal number, American way (all the way) with strong bonds to the North American steel that many thought it was dead and gone.

More enticing is the second number called Conquistador, what a heaviest metal dude, the vocals are a blast from the past and the impeccable solos shows that true heavy metal is not dead yet. Indeed it will live forever and ever… Wow.

Day of the Jackal is legit stuff, no bullshit, no false metal, no modern crap! They manage to keep the album at high octane with this one, what a excellent heavy metal tune… This sound keeps me thinking that if the word “Heavy Metal” wasn’t so often misunderstood for some crap like maggosts and juggalos, the world would be a better place to live. The screams here are deafening and high-pitched. The “groove” (aheeeeeeeem) is so intense that it’s impossible to not bang your head.

Killing Machine is like a segue and brings pure Metal rage to the front with double vocals delivering waves of real deal sensations!!!!

The other songs follow suit and you can add to them different but subtle nuances like changes of tempo, ballad-like intros, but the song remains the same.

Conquistador is an underrated album that deserves to be heard by truest headbangers across the world. So listen to it and spread the word of the true heavy metal credo!

Conquistador is out now on Pure Steel Records.

(Daniel Death)

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