Creation’s End – Metaphysical – Pure Prog Records

New York Prog.

This band seems to have an ensemble of great musicians like Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie), Rudy Albert and Joe Black (ex-Zandelle) and Mike Dimeo (ex-Riot and ex-Masterplan) so it is a dream team of Yankee heavy prog metal.

The problem is that Dream Theater they are not (although the press release does claim that), and they work more in a field of bands such as Kamelot or Royal Hunt.

Well it’s a common ground that every melodic band that makes some broken parts are “prog”, so be it, but forget the great masters of the past.

In fact Creation’s End sophomore album Metaphysical works more inside a melodic spectrum than a progressive, experimental and innovative one. This band appeals more to those who like their metal mellow and yellow.

That’s not to say that Metaphysical is a bad work: they do have their talents as musicians and they do possess a great production, but they seem more concerned with the “feeling” than heaviness and that’s a fact.

There are good numbers like the dynamic Constructing a Savior with the crystal clear voice of Mr DiMeo or the assertive melody in The Chosen None. But for most of the time the album follows a languid atmosphere.

This lethargic atmosphere will get only the more attentive listener or the die-hard fan of the style, others will be alienated by the sound of Creation’s End. However if you’re looking for something truly calm, cool, collected to hear you better get your copy!

Metaphysical is out now on Pure Prog Records.

(Daniel Death)

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