Display of Decay – Outbreak of Infection 2014 – Self-Released

Lukewarm Death Metal

This Canadian band is a real downer. Display of Decay and their Outbreak of Infection has anything to do with brutal death metal… But they practice a kind of boring death metal that never gets faster than mid-tempo, and they do have some hints of Deathcore. A boring band that is not technical either. Just some kids with a pretention to show they have a band to their school friends. The production is okay but that is because it demanded nothing from them, just some changes of phrases here another changes of tempo there and absolutely nothing more. By the third song one starts to become bored. Please give me back the 18 I lost hearing to this band. Thanks!

PS: there’s a cover of Kiss by the end of the disc Black Diamond that’s not that bad, maybe they should change their sound to death n roll or something like that….

Outbreak of Infection 2014  is out now and it’s Self-Released

(Daniel Death)

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