Fornicus – Storming Heaven – Self-Released

Great act from Kentucky!

Fornicus is a new demon that came to life two years ago and released a demo in the current years and now they are releasing this debut album Storming Heaven with the raddest cover art ever!

Just for that they deserve kudos, but their sound is something very special, a blackened death metal in the vein of Sathanas that will gratify the more hardcore fans of the American Satanic Metal!!

Songs like We are Sin or Pallium Mali are the epitome of greatness showing their dexterity in making an authentic ode to darkness and the musical structure is very satisfactory, besides they play with gusto and they do deliver the message of evil hordes of satanic netherworld, while a track like King of Egoists has a great riff that goes all the way through the tune: no great changes of tempo, just the blurry mix of Death Metal and Black Metal that is worthy your money!

Into Obscurity is another gem of the style this time around resounding the great Absu. Mid-tempo framework, allied with occasional blastbeats that never get the forefront and never obfuscate the guitars!!!! It’s indeed a very intelligible sound with actual soloing and this time around they change the phrases a little bit!

There is also a cover of Sepultura Antichrist – a great version actually!!!

Over again my appeal to audiences out there: this band is pure underground but doesn’t deserve to be relegated six feet under… if I was you I’d manage to get my copy as soon as possible.

Storming Heaven  is out now and it is Self-Released .

(Daniel Death)

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