AC/DC ‎– Rock Or Bust – Columbia

Against the grain, another classic!!!

This album had all elements to be a flop even for the behemothic force that is arguably the greatest rock band on Earth: AC/DC. The case of dementia of Malcolm Young leaving him out of the game (even though he signs the tracks along with his brother Angus) and being replaced by his nephew Steve Young. Besides the prison of their drummer – Phil Rudd –  (who actually plays drums here) made international news in the greatest media outlets in the world. Yet, AC/DC packed a helluva album with anthems, and although always maintaining the tradition, I can say that this is their best album since Ballbreaker!

The first track, Rock or Bust is an upbeat (what else is new?) song that is an instant hit right in the rocker’s face!

Play Ball with the signature solos of Angus Young has been released as a single before, but they make the party of die-hards here!

Rock the Blues Away is more like their famous track Moneytalks, and in a track like Dogs of War they go on full heavy hard rock, that is pure “fists-in-the-air” song!

But Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder is even more anthemic, although they try to make it smoothly, they play rough and the rock and roll is the only thing left here! Perfect even for AC/DC own patterns.

Another terrific one is the penultimate track Sweet Candy that could be the opener of the disc (without risk!). The track brings back again the momentum of the first tracks! What a killer and delicious riff!!!

Against the odds, AC/DC made another perfect score and another classic album which is going to stay for eternity as a corollary of band that has behind them the greatest tracks ever recorded by living human beings!

Rock Or Bust is being released TODAY on Columbia.

(Daniel Death)

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