Thrash Bombz – Dawn – Iron Shield Records

New EP living up to the band’s name!

Man this is so Testament… from the first riff to the last is Testament all the way. Okay with some James Hetfield voice more than Chuck Billy’s and some Overkill and Death Angel riffs… But the lot is Testament!!!

Mainly the “ballad” parts with that riff that permeates albums such as The Legacy and The New Order. The intro is just like that, just to explode into a brutal thrash metal attack of behemothic proportions. There’s just a detail: this is not an American band, this is an Italian one and sometimes the accent gets on Destruktor voice but it’s not a bad thing, It just adds charm and elegance to brutal carnage as in the track …Presence.

More strikes can be felt on the song Drown In Your Misery which is ace and exciting with changes of tempo that are pure neckbreakers!!! It’s very well done to say at least!

But maybe the trashiest track is Eternal Punishment which is very American (golden age of thrash of course). But the interesting thing here is that they don’t want to sound like a thing of the past, they use modern technology to make the old sound new! The solos are flawless, the songs are seamless and choruses are pure violent fun!

Dawn is compilation of the aforementioned Testament intros with that, let’s say, spatial guitar sound, a great instrumental piece which is not a filler!

To pack the EP, Human Obliteration comes ripping everything, and this one is like a modern take on old Metallica (not the new Metallica, for fuck sakes). It’s where the aforementioned Italian accent appears. Over again the solos are destructive.

This is a solid Thrash Metal work that gets better the more you spin it. This is a kind of CD that you want to hear it again and again; to put in the sound system of your car, to wake up with… well you got the picture.

Dawn is out now on Iron Shield Records.

(Daniel Death)

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Martyrvore – Malevolent Desolation 12″ MLP – Iron Bonehead

Guttural War Metal for Life!

Martyvore is maybe the most underrated offer in the world of War Black Metal! I simply cannot explain why, because their sound is one of the best in this field!

Their sound comprises short and ultra-fast songs, pure Blasphemy cult and no quarter whatsoever!

This EP has only 18 minutes and 8 songs, being two of them an intro and an outro.

They go on a full speed blitzkrieg, devastating everything in sight, with mega occult vocals and disgraceful production in songs such as Perversion Rites that has the hardcore atomic sounds with chaotic nuclear axework!

Another great number is Mouth of The Grave that is devastating in all possible ways, delivering waves of radioactive desolation with a blackest metal noise!

There is also a cover of Marduk, The Black…, in a version that is a mined field to ambush poseurs into contaminated inferno!

Great work, that is very underground, so if you’re looking for a band the mainstream doesn’t give two fucks, here it is! Buy their stuff and be the truest headbanger in the area!

 Malevolent Desolation 12″ MLP is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel Death)

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Albez Duz – The Coming of Mictlan LP – Iron Bonehead

If you don’t like Gothic Doom Metal you better rethink your concepts.

Hailing from almighty Germany, Albez Duz presents us with their sophomore album The Coming of Mictlan which is a gem!

The sound is really well made, with soundscapes that are complete, heavy and enticing at the same time.

They merge the gothic metal with traditional gothic and pure Heavy Metal in a rich sonic myriad with great solos and symphonic passages that don’t sound cheap, instead it sounds very original and metal!

The songs are lengthy and delicious.

Fire Wings is very melodic in essence while maintaining the influences of Heavy Doom such as Candlemass and Witchfinder General.

In turn, a track like Mictlan brings to the fore some guttural vocals and diverse guitar effects in a snail pace.

Feathered Snake is maybe the best track of the album as it merges all the aforementioned elements into the same track. Over again, amazing guitars are the main course of this number.

Drowned goes to a non-metal side of the despondent gothic sound, with acoustic guitars and subtle keyboards and clean low pitched voices making this album something very progressive.

Servants of Light returns triumphantly to the metal field, and in contrast, it is very evil, and the sound goes to a full Heavy Metal sound.

The last song Twist in My Sobriety is a metal rendition of Tanita Tikaram cover, a famous pop singer in Germany.

The Coming of Mictlan is an album that has several tempos from Adagio to Allegro ma non troppo. Totally indicated for those who like lush sounds and textures.

The Coming of Mictlan LP  is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel Death)

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Mosegrodd – Prodigious Images – Self Released

Experimental and strange Black Metal from Norway.

Let me say something: this album is really hard to digest. This is their fourth full, and I’m still not sure of what to make of it. Enduring experimental metal that is not bad, it’s just too hard to assimilate.

They go in the vein of “experimental” era of Mayhem (mainly Grand Declaration of War and Ordo ad Chao) with a nihilistic and self-destructive sound.

In their first track called Promethean Times (a nine-minute song) they don’t show what they are here for, they just keep feeding us with odd riffs that they call Black Metal, still it’s very difficult to label them as such.

Second track – Monument of Arrogance – and they still don’t show their guns, and they kind of play with the instruments in a strange trance of self-indulgence.

The 10-minute Phantom Nietzsche does show some black metal parts, with experimental ones, but the riffs seems un-seamed, askew, the rapid parts show incongruences with the pensive slow motion phrases, it’s a really erratic kind of music, hard to sit through, but still it pulls some morbid curiosity to see what happens until the end of CD.

Dead Surface lives up to its name, with some still life soundscapes and textures that are confusing.

Revelation is simply a Dark Ambient track, over again deviating from the norm, even from the logic of the album itself.

When everything seems to become familiar – as in the track A Glorious Harvest of Souls – over again the sound cheats us with incomprehensive processed vocals, very slow motion all the way. The riffs are like an impromptu nightmare, following the tempo, but changing constantly, like the cadence of the drums. Thence, the sound continues, repetitive and undaunted (an odd pattern though).

Swollen Gods and Plague Victims, the last track has more of the strange sounds, where the drum fills don’t fill the void, but instead it seems to augment it to pharaonic proportions only to give space to unbridled fast parts and chasmal unrhymed voices in a glossolalia that mix everything nihilistic. Over again the slow parts merge with fast discordant parts only to show us in the second half of the song that they know how to do some “normal” metal with solos and whatnot but again the breaks and a subtle change of tempo defies the logic.

Prodigious Images is easily the strangest album of the year, however it’s not bad. It takes some spins to assimilation. I never heard something like that. If it’s excellent or crap one has to judge for himself!

Prodigious Images is out now and it’s Self Released

(Daniel Death)

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Black Jesus – Everything Black Everything Dead – Grindhead Records

Aussie Black Thrash Death Metal attack!

No band can mix styles like the Aussie Black Jesus do! Arriving at their debut full length after a couple of releases, they attack with a kind of satanic d-beat black crust metal.

All the songs are very hardcore, and their tunes are all in the same way!

That’s not to say this is the best release of the year, but hell, they know how to make  iterations seems like a party!

Besides that, their sound is very satanic, which adds insult to injury in the very metallic tradition of the bands from Oz!

All the songs are short, with guttural vocals, black/punk riffs, 4/4 drumming, and histerical rhythmic session.

Songs like Detonation, Righteous Indignation and Thanks for the Enemies are indulgent in a hardcore way, axing the poseurs to the ground!

But their best offer in this CD is Born in a Tomb which is longer than the other tracks and more intense!

The last track – A Crimson Vow–  is unnecessary, a kind of military beat with nothing to add.

All in all, Everything Black Everything Dead is a fun release and fans of Aussie massacre can’t lose this one!

Everything Black Everything Dead is out now on Grindhead Records

(Daniel Death)

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Funereus – Return of the Old Goat – Forever Plagued

The lost forgotten art of the goat worship

Funereus (not to be confused with the American Doom Metal band of the same name) is purely evil in all forms possible. They do a sound that is a merging of Morbosidad and Darkthrone, they sound intense with every track and their rendition to the goatic forms of music is moving!

All tracks have the very same satanic passion and fervor for diabolic dominion over the fucking Earth!

For example, Unhallowed Tomb brings a feeling that one thousand whores are making sex with Satan himself in front of the holy altar of Jesus CRUST. Blasphemous and sinful, it is disgraceful with non-stop drumming and repetitive riffs although the song does change tempos every now and then.

Another sample of depraved behavior is the track Below The Horns Of Blasphemy, that razes the ground with delicious orgy of crude riffs without being just noise maybe because the production with all the instruments audible, still it can be put in the Raw Black Metal category of ultra-sacrilegious sounds with deranged soloing and pure evil energy!

The same can be said of the next track Ascending The Throne Of Satan, with aggressive and dynamic drumming in an all-out war against the followers of “christ”.

Return of the Old Goat is a great surprise for adorers of evil. It’s a compendium of hate from A to Z and an indispensable item in any ultra-conservative headbanger collection!

Return of the Old Goat is out now on Forever Plagued.


(Daniel Death)

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Ascended Dead – Arcane Malevolence 7″ EP – Blood Harvest

Arrrrgghhh, utter destruction ahead!

Ascended Dead is a band from San Diego, CA, and they make some purely destructive noise!

This EP has 4 tracks without compromise and it will wipe out poseurs on sight!

Arcane Malevolence, the title track, starts the orgy of brutal destruction, blackened death metal at its peak, hellish riffs, one over another and totally dark in essence, fast as the speed of light with a drum work that is made with hate and gusto.

Emanation From Below, the second assault, is even more ruthless with diabolic phrases and schizophrenic cadence, only for initiated in the satanic cult!

Ensnared for Eternity brings the chasm of deathly desolation into your speakers, perhaps the most inhuman track from this EP!!!

The opus ends with Blood Consecration that is an ode to the vicious dementia, with gruff soloing and callous derangement in sonic form!

This EP is an ode to nonsensical mental decay and it’s ONLY indicated to those who seek profane abominations from the chasm of the void!

Arcane Malevolence 7″ EP is out now on Blood Harvest.

(Daniel Death)

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