Nunslaughter – Angelic Dread (2CD, 2LP) – Hells Headbangers

Satanic onslaught.

Nunslaughter never release a full length but when they do it’s the most brutal and satanic metal out there!

Die hards will love this double edition for it comprises songs from their innumerous EP’s, Split’s and other hard-to-get-stuff. But beware: they are all re-recorded, new versions, no comp. bullshit, which makes this release a must-have item for Nunslaughter collectors.

I daresay that is almost impossible to pick up a highlight in the middle of its unholy 31 tracks of blasphemous d-beat, satanic metal punk, first-wave-BM music.

But amidst the chaos, one of the best songs is Angelic Dread which is a concise attack of pure blasphemous cruelty in a hardcore drumming and simplest but always effective riffs.

Another absolute fave of mine is God which is a hilarious disrespectful song against the “Christian scum”, I will always love this tune!

Another great track is It is I that is sticky to the core.

There are other good dots like Ouija and Atheist ways and all and all, Angelic Dread clocks in at 69 minutes of pure ownage! It doesn’t matter how much Nunslaughter repeats the formula, it will never cease to amuse brutal headbangers!

Angelic Dread is out now on Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel Death)

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