Khthoniik Cerviiks – Heptaedrone TAPE – Iron Bonehead

Old School Noisy BM to leave you AGHAST!

This is no ordinary band! The Germanic dudes of Khthoniik Cerviiks practice a sound that is as strange as their name, with “metallic” guitar textures resembling the old and cold Mayhem (from the album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas).

Okay now you stop and think: “what’s the news? It seems that everyone else resounds Mayhem!!” The difference here is that they are heavier than (old) Mayhem and being this a demo-tape, they are TRUER than Mayhem.

Old and cold are their code of evil, and the tracks get worse while the tape spins: pure holocaust in form of teutonic terror, that reverberates through the eardrums like an inverted drone from very depths of hell.

Songs like Elektriik Redeemer or Black Hole Neurotransmission are like black holes waiting to suck all the matter in the world in a strange sonic manner: the sound sucking sound (and light, and particles and everything else into HELL!!!)

Actually they are high-pitched terror that will terminate with the lives of all poseurs.

If you’re into anarchic black metal sounds you need to get this!

Heptaedrone TAPE is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel Death)

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