Principality of Hell – Fire & Brimstone – W.T.C.Productions

Greek Blackened Thrash Metal!!!

When the first riffs of this debut of Principality of HellFire & Brimstone – started to play, I could swear it was an act from Sweden for it reminds Bathory and Gehenna. But how surprise I was to discover this band is actually from Greece and features The Magus (from the cultest acts Necromantia and Thou Art Lord).

First track Fire and Brimstone is totally ace, with a Bathory/Motörhead rifferama, fully made to headbang.

The second track is something glorious: called Codex Inferno, it’s one of these authentic thrash metal songs that do remain in the brain!

While the Bleeding Nun somewhat loses the brutal thrash momentum, it’s utterly recovered on the track We Ride at Night: Punkish/Hardcore drumming, very d-beat actually but with riffs large than life and a bass that covers the mix making it sound really fucking heavy!

When you think it’ll never get better than a track like the killer The Wicthes’ Coven appears to prove the contrary and to prove that (amidst TONS of false acts today) METAL IS STILL ALIVE!!! This track is the paragon of black thrash attack: classic heavy metal soloing, blistering guitars, black metal vocals, hardcore drums at speed of light… what else would the TRUE HEADBANGER want? A classic that deserves to be spun one thousand times!!!

The 9th seal travels from doom, to searing metal punk to de facto black metal with a double bass drum attack from hell. If one closes his eyes while listening to this song, he might see the chasm of apocalypse before himself!

The Hand of the Hangman is a strange track with a monotonous approach.

The album closes with a killer cover of Exodus: Strike of the Beast. It’s too metal for my ears I think I’m going to melt!!! Could any band get more metal than this one?

Fire & Brimstone is a striking surprise for those who wanted to hear the ultimate blackened thrash metal assault in the veins of Nocturnal Breed, Desaster, Deströyer 666 and the likes!!! Your wait is fucking over!!!

Fire & Brimstone is out now on W.T.C.Productions.


(Daniel Death)

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