Swine Overlord – Parables Of Umbral Transcendence – Gore House Productions

Slamming in the underground.

Slamming death metal never was my favorite style, because for me it was a synonym of deathcore with another name. I covered one or another band here, with some harsh critics. But although Swine Overlord may not change my idea over the style, they are actually a good band. Not excellent, but very good.

I’m not saying this without a point: even though they still “slam”, they managed to mix their style with actual death metal which places them in a unique place between other bands: the pseudo-brutal death metal sound puts its brutality somewhere else: in the heaviness of riffs and good drumming, (albeit no “technical” in a death metal sense).

Other important point is here: don’t listen to this CD once, because it’s the kind that gets better every time you spin it. Swine Overlord was cleverly made: they invest time in their qualities, even if the flaws are still there.

But don’t get deceived: it never gets too fast, it never gets too technical, it has a lot of stoppages, it has “pig-squeals”. The case here is that, contrary to other bands of the style, it’s pleasant to hear. Something very rare for their style, and if they want, they can change the game in their favor.

Parables Of Umbral Transcendence is out now Gore House Productions.


(Daniel Death)

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