Children Of Technology – Future Decay (CD, LP) – Hells Headbangers

The True Metal Punk from Padua!

Formed in 2007, Children of Technology rose to “fame” due to their harsh hardcore, street-punk-like metal sound, in an insane mix of Darkthrone, Hellhammer, Discharge, VoiVod (old) and The Exploited. I must admit there’s nothing new but they did it in a way that no band has achieved so far!

This album is the epitome of what they’ve been messing around with in-the-face songs, war-like choruses, thrash metal accelerations, 4/4 riffs, exploding bass and all the brouhaha.

Songs like Future Decay or Blackout are sufficed to make the true metal punk to enter in a mosh pit of post-apocalyptic negativity.

Eaten Dust Overload is really noisy and destructive and if one needed a reason to like this band, here it is… the segue called Under the Ripping Storm brings to mind bands like Desaster or Deströyer 666!!! What a track, brother!!! This is true, not the emo bands that a certain publication out there says are the “future of metal”. The future is bleak and Children of Technology holds the key to destruction!

Last Sunshine Gleaming is purest metal punk craziness, really excellent in all ways possible.

Fear the Mohawk Reaper packs the album with pure nuclear frost from the desolated atomic aftermath!!! Another great tune that will leave the oldschoolers in awe!

This Italian band is so good that they just entered in the pantheon of the metal and punk bands of their country alongside with Cripple Bastards, Bulldozer, Death SS and others!!!!!

Future Decay (CD, LP) is out now on Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel Death)

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