Midnight – No Mercy For Mayhem (2CD, LP, PIC-LP, TAPE) – Hells Headbangers

Another Black N Roll Torment!!!

Midnight is back over again after the great full length Satanic Royalty and the comprehensive (and essential) compilation Complete and Total Hell.

This time around they attack with a brand new full length in 4 versions: a double CD (comprising the previously limited Alive on the Streets of Cleveland originally released in LP version last year) a simple LP, picture LP, and the Tape version (the latter three without the bonus Destroy Tsunami’s Power).

Well, this is a fiesta of satanic hymns in the better Bathory/Venom/Motörhead way to make music, which is, in my opinion, also the best one.

Evil Like a Knife is pure headbanging unholy metal only for the initiated in the Midnight cult!!! A blast of truest riffs and rock n roll for the hell’s headbangers (the pun here was totally intended, pardon me). The chorus: EVIL, EVIL, EVIL is just one of truest things of this year… what a great metal sound!!!

Second song – Prowling Leather – brings a Bathory-esque sound that will take tears from my eyes if I listen to It one more time!!!! Arrrgghh this is authentic black metal!!! No mixtures, no bullshit!

However the best track is The Final Rape of Night which is second to none, only indicated for the vinyl-era boys and girls. Note: I said vinyl-era, not vinyl-EBAY-era, fuck off!!!! Over again the repetitive chorus makes the day of purists. The solos are un-technical, but nonetheless delicious to hear!!!

Another great anthem is Aggressive Crucifixion that is punk and NWOBHM at the same time.

No Mercy For Mayhem is a flawless album, it’s a plain metal work of art, it’s the final statement of trueness in the underground metal world!!!!!!

No Mercy For Mayhem (2CD, LP, PIC-LP, TAPE) is out now on Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel Death)

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