Provocator – Antikristus – Moribund

The hermetic cult of Provocator.

Raw black metal, that’s what it is. The totally unknown band from Slovenian lands brings the crudest sounds ever heard for human beings.

The fact is this band is so good to be utterly unknown (as always in a unjust world). So here is a guide to Provocator’s Antikristus.

Although the basic band name and album name don’t help that much and Hellscream (the sole soul behind the project) doesn’t give two fucks about it, it’s indeed a pure unprocessed and bloody impure form of Black Metal. Some evil tongues out there would call it a bedroom project, I beg to differ!

Unholy Rape of The Holy Whore is grim with a drum machine at the background and one riff all the way. Ace.

7 Storms of Eternal Damnation brings nothing new, and that’s the deal.

Conqueror Of Blasphemus Revenge has a totally un-mastered sound, differing lots of the previous tracks creating an even more underdone sound, but the bottom line is: if you don’t like it go listen to something else.

Profanation of the Cross brings back the high volume and scourges of evilness and fuck-off attitude.

Kirkebrann goes back to the un-produced mode again while Black star of Lucifer is really confusing, which adds more obscure sensations to the opus.

The last track – Antikristus –  is somewhat lackluster, but perhaps that’s the fucking deal.

Antikristus is an album that will please the most radical headbangers who are searching for something rotten. If it’s good or not, let your eardrums tell you. Provocator has my vote!

Antikristus is out now on Moribund

(Daniel Death)

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