Monsterworks – Overhaul – Eat Lead and Die

Mastering the art of classic heavy doom metal!

This is the second work of Monsterworks… THIS YEAR! Actually this band has lots of releases in a short span of time, and if they have this modus operandi is because they need to master the art of making albums. They are being successful.

Overhaul is not just another doom album, it’s something that Monsterworks plays by excellence: one could say they play a myriad of styles but that is a wrong assumption. They do play some different parts making their sound original, but the trick here is that they maintain a strong heavy/doom metal base and from there they make their experiments.

Their sound is pretty Sabbath-esque as in the first song called Educate the Masses while in the second track To do What Must Be Done they play something sadder with melodic input.

But the 12-minute Resolution is where they use and abuse of their dexterity while going from post-rock to authentic heavy doom… If anything, Monsterworks was born for stardom and stardom is what lay ahead of them if they keep on trying because their sound is great and it’s recommended for headbangers and rockers alike.

Overhaul  is out now on Eat Lead and Die

(Daniel Death)

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