Solace Of Requiem – Casting Ruin – ViciSolum Productions

Technical Death Metal with inventiveness.

Not only is Solace Of Requiem brutal, but it also has a plenty of creativity to bring to the fold: They aren’t reinventing the wheel but heck, how it’s becoming difficult for one to find a new brutal death metal act that shows something good to listen to. Well this band is SOR with one of the most insane drummers Dave Tedesco, delivering a packed sound in a combination of styles within one style: they range from somewhat melodic death metal with thrash passages to insane blastbeats of pure and destructive brutal technical death metal.

The album has a lot of surprises which makes it a must have for fanatics of the style as in songs like Defiling the Spectrum, Soiling the Fields of Putridity and the psychotic Heaving Bile and Ash.

All in all Casting Ruin, the fourth effort of this great band will satisfy ears avid for noise.. with style!

Casting Ruin is out now on ViciSolum Productions 


(Daniel Death)

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