Bloodsoaked – Religious Apocalypse – Comatose Music

Brutal Hair Death Metal

Bloodsoaked (From North Carolina – not to be confused with numerous bands with the very same name) was formed circa 2006, recorded 3 full lengths and are back now in 2014 with a EP with new songs, cover and live tracks.

The first massacre called Devouring is extremely brutal, although not the most brutal band in the Earth, but the band delivers the goods in an insane unbridled form of death metal where the drums are more in forefront, but it’s not a problem because the final mix/mastering is correct! There’s even a “mosh” part which makes the track very attractive. The curious fact here is that the song structure is very simple for the style, and it still works.

Another great track is the title track with hooks all the way through the song, but this one is more broken, with several mini-tempos that will appeal to fans of death metal and fans of thrash alike.

But the great surprise here (is) the two covers made in a perfect death n roll way:

Shake Me (Cinderella cover) is insanely cool, and I’m not a fan of hair metal. But yeah, the way it was made is pure rock n roll with guttural vocals! Carcass or Chrome Division couldn’t have made it better!!!

You’re in Love (Ratt cover) is even better!!! The rock n roll vibe is really here, the song is really really great, and this version is totally killer!!! More and more bands should be doing that at the moment!!!

There are the live tracks that will appease the hardcore fans of the band!

This is a great EP for it merges two sides of the band and the sum of the parts (being it in brutal death metal or death n roll mode) is really astonishing.

Totally indicated!

Religious Apocalypse is out now on Comatose Music


(Daniel Death)

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Algebra – Feed the Ego – Unspeakable Axe Records

A Swiss band with a Brazilian accent!

In 1992 a legend of Brazilian Thrash Metal called Korzus released what I consider their magnum opus called Mass Illusions trying to follow the footsteps of Sepultura, but the album somewhat received a very peculiar production and it remains as one of the best Thrash Metal albums released in Brazil.

Okey Dokey, so what a Swiss band called Algebra has to do with this fairytale? It’s simple: their album Feed the Ego sounds amazingly the SAME! The production, the vocals, the compositions, the song structures, everything, although in the press release they don’t cite that.

It’s a hell of good thrash metal insanity with excellent songs like Survival Nowadays that has all the traction to make the happiness of the thrashbanger, Prisoner Outdoors with lashings and more lashings of metal insanity and the brutal Necessary Evil, for me the best of the album!

The album is somewhat marred by a ballad called My Shelf, it’s a bad song indeed.

Fortunately they quickly return to form with the brutal Profound Guilt with several passages, phrases and changes of tempos completed with old school soloing, and correct drums fills.

Feed Me More is so true, I love it: insane backbeats all the way make me want to listen to it over and over again!

Egosystem continues the fucking thrash metal binge!

I heard cases of bands that sound like Hellhammer, Venom, Iron Maiden and Metallica but I’ve never heard one that is so identical to Korzus. Even if they deny: DON’T BELIEVE IN THEM!

Feed the Ego is out now on Unspeakable Axe Records

(Daniel Death)

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Shards Of Humanity – Fractured Frequencies – Unspeakable Axe Records

Honest Death Thrash album!

Do you remember the old days when you couldn’t tell death from thrash? It was in the last days of 1980’s and the beginning of 1990’s, prior to grunge bullshit!

This debut of Shards Of Humanity brings back this old tradition, mixing the two sounds and delivering a great album.

Songs like Astral Agony and Internal Rot are played with gusto, and it contains great solos, changes of tempo, and old school aggressiveness packed in a cool production where all the instruments are audible, plus it contains interesting drum fills and the rhythmic session is very competent.

Another great track is Suspension with the vocals of Todd Cochran delivering a kind of Chuck Schuldiner voice which is always great to hear and brings back all geniality of a forgotten era.

Fractured Frequencies is an honest album that bears the mark of forefathers of extreme metal and if you’re oldschooler this one is mandatory!

Fractured Frequencies  is out now on Unspeakable Axe Records.

(Daniel Death)

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ARKONA / ILLNESS – Klucz Do Istnienia / Zaraza – Godz Ov War Productions

Split with cult bands from Europe.

Arkona and Illness are releasing this great split. Note: The Arkona here is the Polish one and not to be confused with the more famous Russian band Аркона.

Arkona side contains the track Klucz Do Istnienia that is the embodiment of the Polish Black Metal! Traditional and vicious, the attack is fast with old school black metal riffs! The drumming is as fast as the speed of light, great number. It’s a pity that it is only one track!

But the band Illness don’t let us down: formed by guys of Masachist, this track Zaraza starts with a Slayer-like approach just to  explode into an all-out war of brutal black metal with changes of tempo that makes this track very interesting, merging death and black metal schools. The final part though, has a bit of melodic black metal in the vein of Limbonic Art.

A truly great split of special bands, this release is a portal to the other works of both acts. Try and get it!

Klucz Do Istnienia / Zaraza  is out now on Godz Ov War Productions


(Daniel Death)

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