Bloodsoaked – Religious Apocalypse – Comatose Music

Brutal Hair Death Metal

Bloodsoaked (From North Carolina – not to be confused with numerous bands with the very same name) was formed circa 2006, recorded 3 full lengths and are back now in 2014 with a EP with new songs, cover and live tracks.

The first massacre called Devouring is extremely brutal, although not the most brutal band in the Earth, but the band delivers the goods in an insane unbridled form of death metal where the drums are more in forefront, but it’s not a problem because the final mix/mastering is correct! There’s even a “mosh” part which makes the track very attractive. The curious fact here is that the song structure is very simple for the style, and it still works.

Another great track is the title track with hooks all the way through the song, but this one is more broken, with several mini-tempos that will appeal to fans of death metal and fans of thrash alike.

But the great surprise here (is) the two covers made in a perfect death n roll way:

Shake Me (Cinderella cover) is insanely cool, and I’m not a fan of hair metal. But yeah, the way it was made is pure rock n roll with guttural vocals! Carcass or Chrome Division couldn’t have made it better!!!

You’re in Love (Ratt cover) is even better!!! The rock n roll vibe is really here, the song is really really great, and this version is totally killer!!! More and more bands should be doing that at the moment!!!

There are the live tracks that will appease the hardcore fans of the band!

This is a great EP for it merges two sides of the band and the sum of the parts (being it in brutal death metal or death n roll mode) is really astonishing.

Totally indicated!

Religious Apocalypse is out now on Comatose Music


(Daniel Death)

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