Shards Of Humanity – Fractured Frequencies – Unspeakable Axe Records

Honest Death Thrash album!

Do you remember the old days when you couldn’t tell death from thrash? It was in the last days of 1980’s and the beginning of 1990’s, prior to grunge bullshit!

This debut of Shards Of Humanity brings back this old tradition, mixing the two sounds and delivering a great album.

Songs like Astral Agony and Internal Rot are played with gusto, and it contains great solos, changes of tempo, and old school aggressiveness packed in a cool production where all the instruments are audible, plus it contains interesting drum fills and the rhythmic session is very competent.

Another great track is Suspension with the vocals of Todd Cochran delivering a kind of Chuck Schuldiner voice which is always great to hear and brings back all geniality of a forgotten era.

Fractured Frequencies is an honest album that bears the mark of forefathers of extreme metal and if you’re oldschooler this one is mandatory!

Fractured Frequencies  is out now on Unspeakable Axe Records.

(Daniel Death)

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