Ascended Dead – Arcane Malevolence 7″ EP – Blood Harvest

Arrrrgghhh, utter destruction ahead!

Ascended Dead is a band from San Diego, CA, and they make some purely destructive noise!

This EP has 4 tracks without compromise and it will wipe out poseurs on sight!

Arcane Malevolence, the title track, starts the orgy of brutal destruction, blackened death metal at its peak, hellish riffs, one over another and totally dark in essence, fast as the speed of light with a drum work that is made with hate and gusto.

Emanation From Below, the second assault, is even more ruthless with diabolic phrases and schizophrenic cadence, only for initiated in the satanic cult!

Ensnared for Eternity brings the chasm of deathly desolation into your speakers, perhaps the most inhuman track from this EP!!!

The opus ends with Blood Consecration that is an ode to the vicious dementia, with gruff soloing and callous derangement in sonic form!

This EP is an ode to nonsensical mental decay and it’s ONLY indicated to those who seek profane abominations from the chasm of the void!

Arcane Malevolence 7″ EP is out now on Blood Harvest.

(Daniel Death)

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