Funereus – Return of the Old Goat – Forever Plagued

The lost forgotten art of the goat worship

Funereus (not to be confused with the American Doom Metal band of the same name) is purely evil in all forms possible. They do a sound that is a merging of Morbosidad and Darkthrone, they sound intense with every track and their rendition to the goatic forms of music is moving!

All tracks have the very same satanic passion and fervor for diabolic dominion over the fucking Earth!

For example, Unhallowed Tomb brings a feeling that one thousand whores are making sex with Satan himself in front of the holy altar of Jesus CRUST. Blasphemous and sinful, it is disgraceful with non-stop drumming and repetitive riffs although the song does change tempos every now and then.

Another sample of depraved behavior is the track Below The Horns Of Blasphemy, that razes the ground with delicious orgy of crude riffs without being just noise maybe because the production with all the instruments audible, still it can be put in the Raw Black Metal category of ultra-sacrilegious sounds with deranged soloing and pure evil energy!

The same can be said of the next track Ascending The Throne Of Satan, with aggressive and dynamic drumming in an all-out war against the followers of “christ”.

Return of the Old Goat is a great surprise for adorers of evil. It’s a compendium of hate from A to Z and an indispensable item in any ultra-conservative headbanger collection!

Return of the Old Goat is out now on Forever Plagued.


(Daniel Death)

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