Black Jesus – Everything Black Everything Dead – Grindhead Records

Aussie Black Thrash Death Metal attack!

No band can mix styles like the Aussie Black Jesus do! Arriving at their debut full length after a couple of releases, they attack with a kind of satanic d-beat black crust metal.

All the songs are very hardcore, and their tunes are all in the same way!

That’s not to say this is the best release of the year, but hell, they know how to make  iterations seems like a party!

Besides that, their sound is very satanic, which adds insult to injury in the very metallic tradition of the bands from Oz!

All the songs are short, with guttural vocals, black/punk riffs, 4/4 drumming, and histerical rhythmic session.

Songs like Detonation, Righteous Indignation and Thanks for the Enemies are indulgent in a hardcore way, axing the poseurs to the ground!

But their best offer in this CD is Born in a Tomb which is longer than the other tracks and more intense!

The last track – A Crimson Vow–  is unnecessary, a kind of military beat with nothing to add.

All in all, Everything Black Everything Dead is a fun release and fans of Aussie massacre can’t lose this one!

Everything Black Everything Dead is out now on Grindhead Records

(Daniel Death)

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