Albez Duz – The Coming of Mictlan LP – Iron Bonehead

If you don’t like Gothic Doom Metal you better rethink your concepts.

Hailing from almighty Germany, Albez Duz presents us with their sophomore album The Coming of Mictlan which is a gem!

The sound is really well made, with soundscapes that are complete, heavy and enticing at the same time.

They merge the gothic metal with traditional gothic and pure Heavy Metal in a rich sonic myriad with great solos and symphonic passages that don’t sound cheap, instead it sounds very original and metal!

The songs are lengthy and delicious.

Fire Wings is very melodic in essence while maintaining the influences of Heavy Doom such as Candlemass and Witchfinder General.

In turn, a track like Mictlan brings to the fore some guttural vocals and diverse guitar effects in a snail pace.

Feathered Snake is maybe the best track of the album as it merges all the aforementioned elements into the same track. Over again, amazing guitars are the main course of this number.

Drowned goes to a non-metal side of the despondent gothic sound, with acoustic guitars and subtle keyboards and clean low pitched voices making this album something very progressive.

Servants of Light returns triumphantly to the metal field, and in contrast, it is very evil, and the sound goes to a full Heavy Metal sound.

The last song Twist in My Sobriety is a metal rendition of Tanita Tikaram cover, a famous pop singer in Germany.

The Coming of Mictlan is an album that has several tempos from Adagio to Allegro ma non troppo. Totally indicated for those who like lush sounds and textures.

The Coming of Mictlan LP  is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel Death)

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