Mosegrodd – Prodigious Images – Self Released

Experimental and strange Black Metal from Norway.

Let me say something: this album is really hard to digest. This is their fourth full, and I’m still not sure of what to make of it. Enduring experimental metal that is not bad, it’s just too hard to assimilate.

They go in the vein of “experimental” era of Mayhem (mainly Grand Declaration of War and Ordo ad Chao) with a nihilistic and self-destructive sound.

In their first track called Promethean Times (a nine-minute song) they don’t show what they are here for, they just keep feeding us with odd riffs that they call Black Metal, still it’s very difficult to label them as such.

Second track – Monument of Arrogance – and they still don’t show their guns, and they kind of play with the instruments in a strange trance of self-indulgence.

The 10-minute Phantom Nietzsche does show some black metal parts, with experimental ones, but the riffs seems un-seamed, askew, the rapid parts show incongruences with the pensive slow motion phrases, it’s a really erratic kind of music, hard to sit through, but still it pulls some morbid curiosity to see what happens until the end of CD.

Dead Surface lives up to its name, with some still life soundscapes and textures that are confusing.

Revelation is simply a Dark Ambient track, over again deviating from the norm, even from the logic of the album itself.

When everything seems to become familiar – as in the track A Glorious Harvest of Souls – over again the sound cheats us with incomprehensive processed vocals, very slow motion all the way. The riffs are like an impromptu nightmare, following the tempo, but changing constantly, like the cadence of the drums. Thence, the sound continues, repetitive and undaunted (an odd pattern though).

Swollen Gods and Plague Victims, the last track has more of the strange sounds, where the drum fills don’t fill the void, but instead it seems to augment it to pharaonic proportions only to give space to unbridled fast parts and chasmal unrhymed voices in a glossolalia that mix everything nihilistic. Over again the slow parts merge with fast discordant parts only to show us in the second half of the song that they know how to do some “normal” metal with solos and whatnot but again the breaks and a subtle change of tempo defies the logic.

Prodigious Images is easily the strangest album of the year, however it’s not bad. It takes some spins to assimilation. I never heard something like that. If it’s excellent or crap one has to judge for himself!

Prodigious Images is out now and it’s Self Released

(Daniel Death)

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