Martyrvore – Malevolent Desolation 12″ MLP – Iron Bonehead

Guttural War Metal for Life!

Martyvore is maybe the most underrated offer in the world of War Black Metal! I simply cannot explain why, because their sound is one of the best in this field!

Their sound comprises short and ultra-fast songs, pure Blasphemy cult and no quarter whatsoever!

This EP has only 18 minutes and 8 songs, being two of them an intro and an outro.

They go on a full speed blitzkrieg, devastating everything in sight, with mega occult vocals and disgraceful production in songs such as Perversion Rites that has the hardcore atomic sounds with chaotic nuclear axework!

Another great number is Mouth of The Grave that is devastating in all possible ways, delivering waves of radioactive desolation with a blackest metal noise!

There is also a cover of Marduk, The Black…, in a version that is a mined field to ambush poseurs into contaminated inferno!

Great work, that is very underground, so if you’re looking for a band the mainstream doesn’t give two fucks, here it is! Buy their stuff and be the truest headbanger in the area!

 Malevolent Desolation 12″ MLP is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel Death)

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