Thrash Bombz – Dawn – Iron Shield Records

New EP living up to the band’s name!

Man this is so Testament… from the first riff to the last is Testament all the way. Okay with some James Hetfield voice more than Chuck Billy’s and some Overkill and Death Angel riffs… But the lot is Testament!!!

Mainly the “ballad” parts with that riff that permeates albums such as The Legacy and The New Order. The intro is just like that, just to explode into a brutal thrash metal attack of behemothic proportions. There’s just a detail: this is not an American band, this is an Italian one and sometimes the accent gets on Destruktor voice but it’s not a bad thing, It just adds charm and elegance to brutal carnage as in the track …Presence.

More strikes can be felt on the song Drown In Your Misery which is ace and exciting with changes of tempo that are pure neckbreakers!!! It’s very well done to say at least!

But maybe the trashiest track is Eternal Punishment which is very American (golden age of thrash of course). But the interesting thing here is that they don’t want to sound like a thing of the past, they use modern technology to make the old sound new! The solos are flawless, the songs are seamless and choruses are pure violent fun!

Dawn is compilation of the aforementioned Testament intros with that, let’s say, spatial guitar sound, a great instrumental piece which is not a filler!

To pack the EP, Human Obliteration comes ripping everything, and this one is like a modern take on old Metallica (not the new Metallica, for fuck sakes). It’s where the aforementioned Italian accent appears. Over again the solos are destructive.

This is a solid Thrash Metal work that gets better the more you spin it. This is a kind of CD that you want to hear it again and again; to put in the sound system of your car, to wake up with… well you got the picture.

Dawn is out now on Iron Shield Records.

(Daniel Death)

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