Laika – Somnia – Filth Regime Records

Somnia for insomnia.

Laika is a melodic death metal band from Canada that didn’t realized that there is a much more famous band with the same name, but you know how kiddos are… always trying to impress.

Their promo photo says their influence: Black Dahlia Murder and Suicide Silence (bands that I loathe) and one of the guys are wearing Judas Priest tee (Sin after Sin) which is a sin per se.

The songs are well executed and AGAIN the production is on spot, but for what? Everything here sounds brainless and made only for the show. There’s no real music inside, just riffs, drumming, but no music. There’s no highlight as all the songs sound the same.

The word somnia in Latin means sleep. It’s explained. If you have insomnia, Laika is better than Clonazepam.

Somnia  is out now on Filth Regime Records

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Mandatory – Catharsis – Self Released

Lies, lies and more MODERN METAL LIES!

This band promises in its press release a real fix for HEADBANGERS with hints of NWOBHM and pure metal on the loose and to be the next thing that will rock the world: lemme tell you what they are: LIARS!

This is simply modern metal, metalcore, garbagecore no NWOBHM can be found in ANY of the tracks, everything reeks of modernism, everything is full of “breaks”, everything is Americanized, everything is tailor-made for modern kiddos.

This is not metal in the very sense (and essence) of the word: this is pure and simple Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal with nothing new to bring to the fold.

Worse than being a mediocre band is to be a bunch of LIARS. Don’t listen to them, they don’t deserve to exist!

Catharsis is Self Released.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Nightbringer – Ego Dominus Tuus – Season Of Mist

Truest USBM.

Nightbringer is a true encyclopedia of American Black Metal: a real institution of the style and I still remember the first time I heard of them: I was really impressed!!!

The good news is that they still continue to amuse with their hermetic form of Black Metal, and they get better and better with each new album.

Ego Dominus Tuus clocks in at 73 minutes of unrelenting obscurity and nauseous miasmas.

Throughout the entire album, they manage to put some real exquisite variations, ranging from pure Black Metal to menacing Dark Ambient.

For instance a track like Et Nox Illuminatio mea in Deliciis Meis is so abyssal that it causes infernal sensations, fast drumming, satanic bellows and variations like a rollercoaster, the riffs sunken in the background like a black mass, really involving in its entirety.

Lantern of Eden’s Night is really violent with no compromising drumming, a true artillery of fastness, only for the initiated. This song resounds a little bit of Limbonic Art, without the “melodic” factor.

On the other hand Call of the Exile is a mysterious and oblique wall of arcane ambiences.

Another dead-on track is Salvation is the Son of Leviathan with a hissing sound, pure Dark Ambient: a deadly trip to the unknown.

The Black Metal is back with The Otherness of Being, which is ritualistic and impeding.

Ego Dominus Tuus  is just the continuation of the mega-occult work that Nightbringer evolved throughout the years. They are a name recognizable only for those who are inside the mysterious circle of Black Metal music! A must-have for radical black metallers.

Ego Dominus Tuus  is out now Season Of Mist.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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1349 – Massive Cauldron of Chaos – Indie Recordings

The Black Death is back from Norway to the World.

After some time out of the map, 1349 is back with a compact, organic, in-the-face album of pure and TRUE Norwegian Black Metal that maintain the traditions although being faster than the current wave of bands of that country. Those were the days… well you can’t say that when 1349 is around over again.

Tracks as Cauldron or Slaves are playing with high octane fury with a gritty sound that serves the band very well and don’t leave ANY place for doubts that they STILL are the elite of the elite of Nordic Black Metal: The vocals are sung in a kind of megaphone technique like it was recorded in the 1930’s, or better saying, just think about Marduk. The riffs are intelligent without being posh or progressive, they are just too fast to a normal human being to play and the drumming… oh my fuck the drumming, it’s all so destructive and unbridle.

Exorcism is another of those devastating tracks that will destroy every build in sight. Really fast and with plenty of passages, over again never falling prey to any progressive mode, just black upon black, darkness upon darkness, this is pure negative energy from the North.

Postmortem starts a little bit slow, just to explode itself in a disgraceful and obscene medieval howitzer along with hand grenades if that makes any sense: that’s the idea.

The rest of the album follow suit, and songs don’t differ that much which is EXCELLENT good news.

This album revives a scene that many thought it was long gone, and this album is really superior (even compared to other  1349 albums) and a fine example that love to black music alongside musical dexterity and experience in the worldwide scenario can produce a great and fabulous album. Black Metal is not dead!

Massive Cauldron of Chaos is out now on Indie Recordings.

(Daniel Death)

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LostPray – That’s Why – Eigenpressung

Boredom beyond limits!

Okay this band professes to be the new Metallica. Yes for real they actually say that in their press release. They also say that they can surpass Metallica inferring that after the Black Album Metallica had become irrelevant and only LostPray could save the fans for albums such as Saint Anger for instance.

When you first hear the opener Alienation and goes like “wow, these guys are actually good copycats”.

For the second track on, tho, they practically declare that the world needs more ballads like The Unforgiven or Nothing else matters.. the exact phrase is: If you listen to songs like “The blessed one” or “The story ain’t like no one” you feel remembered to the best times of METALLICA (black album). The Americans would be glad to write again such songs like “The unforgiven” or “Nothing else matters”..

Okay, after the second track I will tell ya what they deliver: BOREDOM…. It’s a Metallica assassination.. one after another. The problem here is not that they are influenced and try to imitate Metallica, Ramones, Pink Floyd or Beatles… The problem here is that it seems that the guys of the band only heard some Metallica albums in their life – Megadeth, who are they? – and that’s what causes such boredom in the listener. After the track Zero to Hero one stops to give a fuck, and everything turns to be a bad joke.

I seriously wish to never had listened to this: kill it before it lay eggs!

That’s Why is out now on Eigenpressung

(Daniel Death)

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Rise Of The Northstar – Welcame – Repression Records

No brainer is no brainer.

Rise of the Northstar is a nu-metal band from France with influences of RATM and other bands that I care less.

Rap and metal never was a good mixture and when they add some Japanese things (only these pseudo-nerds can understand these doramas for teenagers) I can say that I can barely digest.

But sure, they have a good production so they will be regarded as the next big “metal” thing in the world by some publications out there so if you’re into fads don’t lose this one.

What the fuck – secretly rolling eyes while trying to express my opinion – it’s a modern metal attempt to be aggressive and they only convince little girls and their grandmas. The refrain is kind of an earworm, but it doesn’t survive more than five spins.

Welcame (Furyo State Of Mind) with all these Biohazard dorama (hahah secretly rolling on the floor while trying to derange the kids subculture) is very heavy with that unbearable beatdown hardcore not so different from the other tracks.

The only interesting track is Samurai Spirit which I believe is their great success, with some ingenuity even though they can’t escape that formulaic, hey-homeboy attitude which irritates me so much. (Look now I’m rapper)

One thing or another can be saved, and when the songs are good they are good. That seems an oxymoron coming fror me and my inherited hatred for this kind of “metal”. But I’m lenient today. Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!

Welcame  is out now on Repression Records 

(Daniel Death)

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Energumen (Switzerland) – Void Spiritualism 7″ EP – Blood Harvest

Obscure sensations in the void!

Energumen (not to be confused with the Norwegian band of the same name) is debuting with this demo that shows an authentic form of so called War Metal or Bestial Black Metal (you know that Blasphemy/Beherit/Sadistik Exekution kind of sound).

There are only 3 tracks of flawless supernatural satanic sounds.

Self Abortion Ritual is a disgraceful yet well recorded track that reeks the organic sounds of 1990’s. Pure cult with fast drums tempos derailed and diluted in the most barbarous ways amidst an insane rifferama, dirty and disgraceful.

Invisible Spears of Abomination is not different, only adding insult to injury with its cruel type of primitive sound and no quarter.

Ekliptik Manifestation of Dominance is even more tangible in its destructive approach and in my opinion is the best track of this short opvs.

 Void Spiritualism is a truly essential item for underground maniaks elsewhere!!!

Void Spiritualism 7″ EP is out now on Blood Harvest

(Daniel Death)

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Blood & Iron – Voices Of Eternity – Pure Steel Records

Prog from India.

I don’t always look for India to find my metal but when I do, I don’t. Jokes apart it is very interesting to discover that the subcontinent is producing metal bands and the scenario is alive there.

The problem here comes back to the joke: If I was looking for a band of this type of metal I would try to find them in Europe, US and even Brazil, because it seems that Blood & Iron (not to be confused with the National Socialist band of the same name) are just trying to ape the greater names of the style. Well imitation is a form of flattering in this author’s opinion but let’s plunge in the problems (and possible solutions of this album )

The band has excellent songs, but somewhat they can’t execute them: the vocalist is very good indeed, but the ebbs and flows in the instrumental part just make the abyss of the quality of the singer and the other guys apparent!

For example in the first track, called Eternal Rites with a very hard prog form of music, the band simply doesn’t connect the dots, and this is not because of the production that, although has its flaws it’s not entirely responsible for the  wrongdoings.

Checking out the second track one will find the very same problem: ordinary instrumentation making the background for the great vocalist. That is not to say that even though these flaws they have some helluva compositions. From the third track onward everything sounds repetitive.

The problem here is very simple to be detected and thus solved: the band is playing one kind of music and the vocalist is singing another: try to imitate their heroes of Kamelot or Symphony-X will never do them any favor, unless they dedicate a great deal of their time playing their instruments. So what’s the solution? Try to perceive the limitations and redo the compositions in a form of rougher metal, like speed metal for example. Then, and just then, everything will be equalized. While they continue to try to sound like the great names of worldwide scene they won’t stand a chance and they will be forgotten by the millions of band that are trying to do the same sound at this very moment. Even thought I’d invest in these guys in the future!

Voices Of Eternity is out now on Pure Steel Records.

(Daniel Death)

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Madrost – Into The Aquatic Sector – Self Released

Fans of Destruction: HEADS UP!

This band from California is releasing their sophomore independent album with lots of attitude and pure anger to explode in the faces of false thrashers!!

After the intro the album opens with a scream a la Schmier to announce that this is not a fucking drill… this is for real! That is the track Frozen Beneath The Snow with hardcore drumming and fast riffage, a win-win situation!

Another champion is Universal Energy with its intricate phrases that will melt poseurs away! The voice commands the instrumental destruction with dirty riffs and slashing rhythm session!

When you think things won’t get any better than appears a track like Subterranean Nightmare that is the peak of thrash metal: psychotic music made to have some good violent fun!

 Into The Aquatic Sector (the track) appeals to something more death metal, and the binge is complete!

Into The Aquatic Sector is not only a great item but an indispensable one in the collection of any fan of thrash metal. The similarities with the first Destruction albums are great. Scourge up!

Into The Aquatic Sector is out now and it’s Self Released

(Daniel Death)

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Sorrows Path – Doom Philosophy – Iron Shield Records

Prog Metal Philosophy.

Sorrows Path is a band that is mezzo-doom and mezzo-power metal. While one cannot deny their influences of Solitude Aeternus , Candlemass or Memento Mori, their sound is definitely (and strangely) faster!

The vocalist Angelos Ioannidis while trying to copycat Messiah Marcolin has a tone much alike Hammerfall’s Joacim Cans making them an improbable mixture of Power/Prog Heavy Metal and Doom.

The song Tragedy has a compelling feeling while the changes of tempo make the progressive part apparent throughout the stanzas and the chorus.

A Dance of With the Dead is another winner with a strong instrumental where mid-tempo (and not snail pace) domains.

Some songs like Brother of Life are not so interesting though.

Nonetheless, they come back to form in a track like Darkness where the vocals are sublime to say at least.

But the most interesting factor in this band is the mix of instrumental styles, like in the last track Damned (O)fish-L.S.D. which is a trip from doom, heavy, thrash and death metal, with acoustic parts and heavy powerchords.

Doom Philosophy is an interesting album, although it has its flaws, but they manage to keep the stakes high and the final result is positive.

Doom Philosophy is out now Iron Shield Records.

(Daniel Death)

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