Wolfen – Evilution – Pure Legend Records

When thrash and traditional Heavy Metal collides!

Wolfen has a long road behind them, reaching this new milestone called Evilution in a solid manner!

These guys play their instruments with gusto and they are amazingly similar to Iron Maiden, maybe because the vocals of the great Andreas von Lipinski which sounds Bruce Dickinson all the way!!!

Plus their natural Germanic and NWOBHM approach, the band puts some hints of Thrash Metal to make this album something very special like in the track Sea of Sorrows.

They have something of (OLD) American Metal as well such as Vicious Rumors and Attacker, which puts the necessary heaviness into place, so the merging of three different schools of metal makes them, if not original, very powerful as in tracks like Digital Messiah and Eternity, the latter bringing heaviest riffs along with a kind of syncopated drumming and strong and anthemic chorus!

In turn a song like The Flood is a power metal in the vein of their countrymen Helloween, very melodic, yet very heavy as well! They follow suit in the next track called Chosen One.

The other tracks don’t bring great surprises though and the only flaw in this album is that it runs at almost 60 minutes.

But, this is a great band that deserves recognition for years working in the service of Heavy Metal.

Evilution is out now on Pure Legend Records.

(Daniel Death)

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