Calm Hatchery – Fading Reliefs – Selfmadegod Records

Technical Death Metal from the East.

Poland has been known to present excellent bands to the world and this time around is not different with Calm Hatchery which presents to us their 3rd album called Fading Reliefs which is an anthology of good songs in Death Metal mode.

Their songs and their compositions are correct and solid and if it’s not original, all the things are in place for those who wait concise attack with technique in the pure death metal field: excellent production, good compositions, well thought song structures, and crystal clear solos amidst the heaviness of the Polish style.

In the track The Eternal Cycle for instance, they deliver great musicianship with brio and decent solos.

A track like Sun Of God is more exciting with a great drum work and velocity on spot.

Bomben uber Warschau is the best one, a song that is strong and detaches itself from the other in the disc. This is true that they put it as a kind of bonus track by the end of the CD, a Polish version called Bomby nad Warszawa.

The short Awakening The State Of Bodhi is transcendental with decent changes of tempo and over again the soloing with the dead-on brutal blast beats.

Fading Reliefs is a good offer for those who like Polish Metal. If you are one of this army you should get for this album!

Fading Reliefs is out now on Selfmadegod Records

(Daniel Death)

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