EMETH – Aethyr – Xtreem Music

This is Brutal Technical Death Metal.

Sometimes, due to huge amount of bands available in the market we really miss something very good. But having a chance to work with music, we can redeem ourselves with over the top sounds.

This is exactly the case here with Belgian band Emeth. I’ve never heard of them before, although they are in their fourth full-length and I’m still asking to myself: HOW COME? But I’m finally having the honor to hear their last offering Aethyr which is a nicety of Brutal Technical Death Metal even surpassing their fellow countrymen of Aborted. I mean for real. I even thought this was from Canada because their attack is very similar to Archespire and Cryptopsy.

I Became Flesh and Dwelleth Amongst Thee starts the death metal binge with intricate tempos, shortest phrases, and very tech soloing.

Exterminate the Vacillating has all the aforementioned elements, only it is more brutal with the guttural vocals raping the virgin ears to this kind of music.

But maybe the most IGNORANT track is Der Einsam Wandler with real abrupt tempo signatures, no compromise and noisy all around. Disgraceful fast blast-beats will make the happiness of tech guys out there; this is a mathematical machine of destructive proportions.

Suffering Comes with thy Name is permeated with good soloing and even (if possible) faster drumming, with the vocals tearing apart poseurs, and drums fills that are super concise.

A track like Wrath Upon the Cursed shows something different, a slower approach of their kind of sound, hence avoiding repetitiveness.

Notwithstanding the last track called Serpents Walk as if Human is typification of super brutal and technical death metal, never letting their fans down with this opus.

Aethyr is a great surprise and it’s going to figure out at my list of the best 2014 albums!!! For fucking sure!

Aethyr is out now on Xtreem Music

(Daniel Death)

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