Mortuus – Grape of the Vine – The Ajna Offensive

Obscure Funeral hailing from Sweden.

Mortuus is really hard to classify, because, although they are in the field of Black Metal, they go to and fro between depressive and funeral music.

But one thing is certain: everything is despondent. Everything is dark. Everything is sad.

The instrumental track Layil lays the foundations to Grape of the Vine which is a pensive and heavy track, and very muddy indeed!  The guitar drones so natural to Black Metal merges itself with a sludge metal sound, but this band is not a fad, it’s actually very obscure and traditional.  The vocals are abysmal and the riffs are hypnotic.

The track Torches it’s authentic Swedish/Norwegian merging, like a mix between Burzum and Lord Belial, or something in the middle. Perfect musical number.

Sulphur is mega forlorn and dommish rifferama rules throughout the track with crispy sounds in the background.

Other cast down tune is Tzel Maveth which is doleful and it transmits pleasure through enduring pain.

This album is really authentic black metal stuff, but in snail pace mode. No shoegaze, no post-black metal pop bullshit. This is the real deal, go listen and suffer!

Grape of the Vine is out now on The Ajna Offensive

(Daniel Death)

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