Obscure Burial – Ephiphany – Invictus Productions

Finnish raw Black Metal madness.

I like to imagine there’s a saying in Finland: the worse the better. Of course I’m unaware of such oxymoron but everytime I hear something from that country it’s a kind of anomaly… and I LOVE IT.

In this case, Obscure Burial makes the rawest black metal with demo-tape sound, shitty production, yet they sound better than the vast majority of bands that say they are Black Metal nowadays.

The sound is a kind of unprocessed hardcore with confusing and accelerated riffs, that sometimes goes out of the metronome, totally reckless Black Metal.

Night Queen shows signs that this band is not normal. A torrent of bellows echo from the darkness: very old school and very energetic.

Dweller In The Abyss is even sicker with demented riffs and musical paranoia.

Daemonic Incantation elevates things to the extreme of craziness with buzz saw guitar and rustic drumming.

When you think things won’t get worse, then comes the last insult: the title track with crudest noises, schizophrenic beats, inaudible bass… it’s a heaven… no wait: it’s an INFERNO of delicious disgraceful music!

This demo it’s intended to reach only intransigent old-liners from the depths of pure underground satanic cult. So be it!


Ephiphany  is out now on Invictus Productions 

(Daniel Death)

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