Stryvigor – Forgotten by Ages – Svarga Music

Atmospheric Melodic Black Metal from Slavic Lands!

Stryvigor and their debut full length, praise the nature in the most pure form: The pure form of the nature and the pure form of Slavic Black Metal.

Hailing from Ukraine, they keep the tradition alive of the bands such as Astrofaes, Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh and the likes!

The sound is very melodic with lots of ambient passages, and the keyboards are aplenty, for die-hards of paganism in aural soundscapes, nonetheless obscure and beautiful at the same time.

Songs like Mysteries of Darkness [Таємниці темряви] are pure black metal galore with harsh vocals in a never-ending ode to the Slavic traditions and the riffs are beautiful without compromise to the “new black metal” fad.

In a track like Wherever the Stars… [Там, де зорі…] they go further into heathen obscurity, with keyboards leading the session and fast drumming all the way!

Maintaining the culture of Nordic Black Metal with Slavic roots By Paths of Universe [Стежками Всесвіту] brings to the fore more supernatural passion with the always welcome cow bells leading the rhythmic session. 

Forgotten by Ages [Забуте віками] is very beautiful, invoking Burzumic riffs in an elegant way.

Stryvigor is a force to be reckoned with in the world of traditional bands from the East.

Forgotten by Ages is out now on Svarga Music.

(Daniel Death)

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