The Body Politic – Egressor – Self-Released

Pseudo-metal with Justin Bieber on vocals.

Why the heck some bands insist to call themselves punks or metal or “metalcore”. Metalcore is bad taste and if you don’t already know my opinion I’ll tell you why: it has no connection whatsoever neither with metal nor punk. Plus it has that irritating “modern vocals” but in the case of The Body Politic the boundaries are truly transgressed: the EMO vocals permeate the “album” producing an irritating sound they insist in calling heavy music. It’s only a music for pre-pubescent girls trying to fit in some “rock tribe” with an aggravating factor: they are no one. Never was, never will. This is the worst CD I’ve heard this year. The next one please!

 Egressor is our now and it’s Self-Released

(Daniel Death)

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