Mezzopalo – Underskin Stories – Pure Steel Promotion

Hard Rock attack from Italy!

Mezzopalo is a special band for sure. They have only one EP behind them, and now they are coming with this great full length that will undoubtedly open doors for this band.

They have a string of ultra hard rock tunes that really kicks ass in spitting face mode of the great bands out there, thus making this album a strong candidate for greatness.

Raw and direct, Enough Of You, starts with the husky and potent vocals of Cristian Marcolla along with back vocals and deliciously made rhythm session that show a kind of green dexterity but I get myself thinking if the things would be better if it was different. Plus the solos are ace, and fists in the air are mandatory.

No Reaction ups the ante with upbeat music, and although at this point one can ask the album to be heavier, there are actually hints of Heavy Metal in their Hard Rock background. That’s not to say that this fact alone may mar their pure attitude towards their own music.  Pleasant soloing and intelligent riffs are what it keeps them in the game.

Ain’t Up For Tv starts with a “Southern” accent in an American hard tone, just to explode in a Skid Row approach, but not aping anybody of course. The song maintains a low-key tempo, but that is not to say that song is bad. It’s a helluva number!

Honolulu has every element to make it an anthem but somewhat doesn’t work.

Howbeit the track Shady And Shiny is easily the best one of this album, using not a traditional stanza-bridge-chorus, but stanza-chorus-chorus mode, that is to say, the song has two strong choruses. Dead on!!!!

Conversation is a power-ballad, but unfortunately is utterly uninspired and long enough to make one loses interest.

Sea Of Fools starts coy, with low-key beats and over again that American feeling into it, just to explode into a powerful chorus as Cristian Marcolla goes up one octave and Nicola Conci and Michele Pezzé put some pedal to the metal along the packed rhythm session of Cristiano Di Cecco and Renzo Meola (who is a hell of drummer).

Short track Bad Habits is a perfect hard rock heavy song that brings down the house!

Another Sip Of Hell ends the album superbly with the vocals of our dude Mr. Marcolla ripping ears in a mid-tempo and somber tune and 1980’s approach. What a refrain!

Underskin Stories is a complete album with a sound very difficult to execute, because any mistake would be perceptible, but if they aren’t the most technical band around, they work on the verge, saving the majority of the songs to the bounteous glory of posterity.

Underskin Stories is out now on Pure Steel Promotion

(Daniel Death)

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