Sorrows Path – Doom Philosophy – Iron Shield Records

Prog Metal Philosophy.

Sorrows Path is a band that is mezzo-doom and mezzo-power metal. While one cannot deny their influences of Solitude Aeternus , Candlemass or Memento Mori, their sound is definitely (and strangely) faster!

The vocalist Angelos Ioannidis while trying to copycat Messiah Marcolin has a tone much alike Hammerfall’s Joacim Cans making them an improbable mixture of Power/Prog Heavy Metal and Doom.

The song Tragedy has a compelling feeling while the changes of tempo make the progressive part apparent throughout the stanzas and the chorus.

A Dance of With the Dead is another winner with a strong instrumental where mid-tempo (and not snail pace) domains.

Some songs like Brother of Life are not so interesting though.

Nonetheless, they come back to form in a track like Darkness where the vocals are sublime to say at least.

But the most interesting factor in this band is the mix of instrumental styles, like in the last track Damned (O)fish-L.S.D. which is a trip from doom, heavy, thrash and death metal, with acoustic parts and heavy powerchords.

Doom Philosophy is an interesting album, although it has its flaws, but they manage to keep the stakes high and the final result is positive.

Doom Philosophy is out now Iron Shield Records.

(Daniel Death)

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