Blood & Iron – Voices Of Eternity – Pure Steel Records

Prog from India.

I don’t always look for India to find my metal but when I do, I don’t. Jokes apart it is very interesting to discover that the subcontinent is producing metal bands and the scenario is alive there.

The problem here comes back to the joke: If I was looking for a band of this type of metal I would try to find them in Europe, US and even Brazil, because it seems that Blood & Iron (not to be confused with the National Socialist band of the same name) are just trying to ape the greater names of the style. Well imitation is a form of flattering in this author’s opinion but let’s plunge in the problems (and possible solutions of this album )

The band has excellent songs, but somewhat they can’t execute them: the vocalist is very good indeed, but the ebbs and flows in the instrumental part just make the abyss of the quality of the singer and the other guys apparent!

For example in the first track, called Eternal Rites with a very hard prog form of music, the band simply doesn’t connect the dots, and this is not because of the production that, although has its flaws it’s not entirely responsible for the  wrongdoings.

Checking out the second track one will find the very same problem: ordinary instrumentation making the background for the great vocalist. That is not to say that even though these flaws they have some helluva compositions. From the third track onward everything sounds repetitive.

The problem here is very simple to be detected and thus solved: the band is playing one kind of music and the vocalist is singing another: try to imitate their heroes of Kamelot or Symphony-X will never do them any favor, unless they dedicate a great deal of their time playing their instruments. So what’s the solution? Try to perceive the limitations and redo the compositions in a form of rougher metal, like speed metal for example. Then, and just then, everything will be equalized. While they continue to try to sound like the great names of worldwide scene they won’t stand a chance and they will be forgotten by the millions of band that are trying to do the same sound at this very moment. Even thought I’d invest in these guys in the future!

Voices Of Eternity is out now on Pure Steel Records.

(Daniel Death)

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