Energumen (Switzerland) – Void Spiritualism 7″ EP – Blood Harvest

Obscure sensations in the void!

Energumen (not to be confused with the Norwegian band of the same name) is debuting with this demo that shows an authentic form of so called War Metal or Bestial Black Metal (you know that Blasphemy/Beherit/Sadistik Exekution kind of sound).

There are only 3 tracks of flawless supernatural satanic sounds.

Self Abortion Ritual is a disgraceful yet well recorded track that reeks the organic sounds of 1990’s. Pure cult with fast drums tempos derailed and diluted in the most barbarous ways amidst an insane rifferama, dirty and disgraceful.

Invisible Spears of Abomination is not different, only adding insult to injury with its cruel type of primitive sound and no quarter.

Ekliptik Manifestation of Dominance is even more tangible in its destructive approach and in my opinion is the best track of this short opvs.

 Void Spiritualism is a truly essential item for underground maniaks elsewhere!!!

Void Spiritualism 7″ EP is out now on Blood Harvest

(Daniel Death)

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