LostPray – That’s Why – Eigenpressung

Boredom beyond limits!

Okay this band professes to be the new Metallica. Yes for real they actually say that in their press release. They also say that they can surpass Metallica inferring that after the Black Album Metallica had become irrelevant and only LostPray could save the fans for albums such as Saint Anger for instance.

When you first hear the opener Alienation and goes like “wow, these guys are actually good copycats”.

For the second track on, tho, they practically declare that the world needs more ballads like The Unforgiven or Nothing else matters.. the exact phrase is: If you listen to songs like “The blessed one” or “The story ain’t like no one” you feel remembered to the best times of METALLICA (black album). The Americans would be glad to write again such songs like “The unforgiven” or “Nothing else matters”..

Okay, after the second track I will tell ya what they deliver: BOREDOM…. It’s a Metallica assassination.. one after another. The problem here is not that they are influenced and try to imitate Metallica, Ramones, Pink Floyd or Beatles… The problem here is that it seems that the guys of the band only heard some Metallica albums in their life – Megadeth, who are they? – and that’s what causes such boredom in the listener. After the track Zero to Hero one stops to give a fuck, and everything turns to be a bad joke.

I seriously wish to never had listened to this: kill it before it lay eggs!

That’s Why is out now on Eigenpressung

(Daniel Death)

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