Rise Of The Northstar – Welcame – Repression Records

No brainer is no brainer.

Rise of the Northstar is a nu-metal band from France with influences of RATM and other bands that I care less.

Rap and metal never was a good mixture and when they add some Japanese things (only these pseudo-nerds can understand these doramas for teenagers) I can say that I can barely digest.

But sure, they have a good production so they will be regarded as the next big “metal” thing in the world by some publications out there so if you’re into fads don’t lose this one.

What the fuck – secretly rolling eyes while trying to express my opinion – it’s a modern metal attempt to be aggressive and they only convince little girls and their grandmas. The refrain is kind of an earworm, but it doesn’t survive more than five spins.

Welcame (Furyo State Of Mind) with all these Biohazard dorama (hahah secretly rolling on the floor while trying to derange the kids subculture) is very heavy with that unbearable beatdown hardcore not so different from the other tracks.

The only interesting track is Samurai Spirit which I believe is their great success, with some ingenuity even though they can’t escape that formulaic, hey-homeboy attitude which irritates me so much. (Look now I’m rapper)

One thing or another can be saved, and when the songs are good they are good. That seems an oxymoron coming fror me and my inherited hatred for this kind of “metal”. But I’m lenient today. Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!

Welcame  is out now on Repression Records 

(Daniel Death)

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