1349 – Massive Cauldron of Chaos – Indie Recordings

The Black Death is back from Norway to the World.

After some time out of the map, 1349 is back with a compact, organic, in-the-face album of pure and TRUE Norwegian Black Metal that maintain the traditions although being faster than the current wave of bands of that country. Those were the days… well you can’t say that when 1349 is around over again.

Tracks as Cauldron or Slaves are playing with high octane fury with a gritty sound that serves the band very well and don’t leave ANY place for doubts that they STILL are the elite of the elite of Nordic Black Metal: The vocals are sung in a kind of megaphone technique like it was recorded in the 1930’s, or better saying, just think about Marduk. The riffs are intelligent without being posh or progressive, they are just too fast to a normal human being to play and the drumming… oh my fuck the drumming, it’s all so destructive and unbridle.

Exorcism is another of those devastating tracks that will destroy every build in sight. Really fast and with plenty of passages, over again never falling prey to any progressive mode, just black upon black, darkness upon darkness, this is pure negative energy from the North.

Postmortem starts a little bit slow, just to explode itself in a disgraceful and obscene medieval howitzer along with hand grenades if that makes any sense: that’s the idea.

The rest of the album follow suit, and songs don’t differ that much which is EXCELLENT good news.

This album revives a scene that many thought it was long gone, and this album is really superior (even compared to other  1349 albums) and a fine example that love to black music alongside musical dexterity and experience in the worldwide scenario can produce a great and fabulous album. Black Metal is not dead!

Massive Cauldron of Chaos is out now on Indie Recordings.

(Daniel Death)

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