Mandatory – Catharsis – Self Released

Lies, lies and more MODERN METAL LIES!

This band promises in its press release a real fix for HEADBANGERS with hints of NWOBHM and pure metal on the loose and to be the next thing that will rock the world: lemme tell you what they are: LIARS!

This is simply modern metal, metalcore, garbagecore no NWOBHM can be found in ANY of the tracks, everything reeks of modernism, everything is full of “breaks”, everything is Americanized, everything is tailor-made for modern kiddos.

This is not metal in the very sense (and essence) of the word: this is pure and simple Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal with nothing new to bring to the fold.

Worse than being a mediocre band is to be a bunch of LIARS. Don’t listen to them, they don’t deserve to exist!

Catharsis is Self Released.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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