Satanic Warmaster – Fimbulwinter – Hells Headbangers / Werewolf Records

Three winters are coming from all directions without intervening summer…

The newest SW release doesn’t deserve a review: without hearing it, it’s all said and done: you already know that it is an über classic of the genre, if this band needs any presentation, and you REALLY don’t know what is all about I fear you accessed this address by some ISP mistake: contact it and change your service.

But, I have a say about it: BEAUTIFULLY played black metal, over again Werwolf is delivering the goods, it’s a classic riff after a classic riff, it’s a compendium of the very existence of the Scandinavian Black Metal, and of course, our beloved Finnish people never ever do wrong.

Fimbulwinter’s Spell, the opener, announces that temperatures are going to decline, even in tropical countries, with its menacing production and perfection: a real Sturm und Drang, the Romanticism of the evilest type is back again to prove the supremacy of one of the most respected acts in the world of true metal.

Recurring to an atavism the high fidelity is stated in the track Funeral Wolves with abysmal riffs and beefy production, gritty vocals and fast drumming.

Korppi is just a reassurance of the already known quality of the album, and by the fourth number When Thunders Hail one is already satisfied with the winter wave of Nordic/Suommi proportions.

The last track Silent Call of Moon’s Temples is a Burzumic ode to the “gods of GODLESS north”! Atmospheric/ambient plain but not simple! Beautifully executed with hibernal sensations…

Satanic Warmaster is the best band from Finland alongside Horna, and together they make the bulk of the truest type of Black Metal produced in an industrial scale in the world of today. With them, nothing is left to chance; the other bands (woe to bedroom projects and untermensch bands) are just numbers to be forgotten. The cult of SW is eternal and sempiternal. After the Ragnarok, SW will be the corollary of its own work. Fimbulwinter, in this very special case, is just a provocative title for a band that will rule forevermore in the anarchic eschatological period when everything else is going to die. The eternal winter is upon us!

Fimbulwinter is going to be released by Hells Headbangers / Werewolf Records  and will be out on April 7th.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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