Colosus – Blestem – Kaotoxin

UK’s finest DSBM/Atmospheric Black Metal offer.

One can easily say that Colosus is not a special band, and just another one to populate the already crowded “depressive” scene. I beg to differ.

Colosus is an one-man-band from United Kingdom that makes a dead-on crossover of Black Metal, Raw Depressive (no, they’re not shoegaze, thanks fuck!) and Atmospheric offering us a unique trip of gargantuan (yet RAW) music.

Also, one can easily argue that the quality here is due to the very case of the man behind the monster, Krhudd, being an experienced musician, because he has participated in a myriad of projects and bands. But that doesn’t take away the credit of Blestem being a monumental debut album that came to stay, and as long as can infer, it’s the Krhudd’s main project.

I have to admit that being a huge fan of atmospheric Black Metal played a huge part in me liking the album right off the bat: the crassness and nonsensical suffering vocals alongside silent parts of minimal artistic meditation are second to none.

There is not a favorite track as they all sound the same, but again, while this is a hindrance for other bands, in the case of Colosus it is a huge advantage, for it shows restraint and persistent respect to Black Metal fans.

This CD is a great surprise to say at least! Indicated to fans of Nortt, Vinterriket and Abyssic Hate. Nuff’ said!


Blestem  is out now on Kaotoxin

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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